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Happy 51th birthday Rupert Graves!


finally, you mentioned that
stupid mistake, and too lazy to change it
thank you for the correction.

Cheer up! I’ve made the same mistake on the RGO and there is no edit option to correct it *blushes* And the worst thing is my fault bday post is the only one on site, shame…

to be honest, I didn’t even think about that at the time making the gif. after the 31st (the biggest number on a calendar), I thought all the numbers are followed by th.
the good thing is, now I realized it should be 82nd, 73rd………..
a good lesson XDDD


About British actors fanbooks published in Japan #2

I’m newly posting this to include pictures responding to exponential63's comment to Ruperts pictures from my 20th century archive and also, informational purpose for Maurice fans:

Thank you for the correct dates of the publications. And yes, they were from the fanbooks. There were, as far as I know, three of British actors photobooks (what I mentioned before) edited based on the same concept featuring Rupert.

I think the one on the right was the best seller among them and might be a must-have for all Maurice fans (you might also like the middle one that contains a review of Rupert’s play. Um, I think I can write it down someday before I die).  

Actually, you can buy them now from Amazon thanks to quality papers what Japan proud of back in old good days.  No degradation or deterioration there after more than two decades.  

I’ve owned two of them for decades and bought one of them two, three years ago. It was really cheap, about just one penny so all you had to pay was shipping and handling fees, but, oh, I can’t believe this. The sellers raised their prices much higher than before. Why?? I think they must be checking tumblr!

Also, thank you for your story about finding the Interview interview. I wish I could fly to that library at once…

Hey, I have two of these as well. A friend sent them to me from Japan. Very nice collection XDDD

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