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*Faints from the sexiness Greg Lestrade exudes through the screen*

7 x BBC Sherlock Rupert Graves as Greg Lestrade Super Hi-Res Photoshoot pictures - DO NOT click the pics, find the highest resolution through these links:

(Pic. 1 - 5616x3744px), (Pic. 2 - 1912x1072), (Pic. 3 - 1912x1072), (Pic. 4 - 1912x1072), (Pic. 5 - 1912x1072), (Pic. 6 - 1912x1072), (Pic. 7 - 1912x1072).

I’ve hunted High & Low and have finally managed to find these Lestrade Season One Photoshoot pictures in really high resolution! I’ve had to pay for them, so they’re watermarked - but if you’d like to use any for graphics feel free to message me & I’ll send you the unwatermarked one (if you could then link back to this post that’d be super!)

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